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What is the Role of an Estate Planning Attorney?
What is the Role of an Estate Planning Attorney?

Want to hire a Saint George estate planner? You aren’t the only one thinking about these professionals. Getting your affairs in order can be an important concept, whether you have real estate, or just a few collectibles at home. Despite what you might think, estate plans are somewhat different from a standard will, although, both remain just as important as the other. So, what role does an estate planning attorney have?

Assisting Clients with Estate Plans

A Saint George estate planning attorney can handle a variety of tasks associated with estates, trusts, and wills. However, their main role is to assist clients create a viable estate plan and update or make changes when necessary. Most estate planning attorneys will sit you down and go over all known assets. They will then determine if you wish to create a trust for minor children or a spouse. And some attorneys will organize medical, financial, and business-related matters. For instance, if you were unable to decide because of a medical matter, that person would do so.

Advise You on POA’s and Guardianship of Minor Children

As said above, there may come a time when you’re unable to make a medical or financial decision. That could mean a power of attorney (POA) is necessary, learn more about POA at Despite what you might think, this is only ever activated when it’s determined necessary. For example, if you were to fall into a coma and a medical or business decision had to be made, your power of attorney would make those decisions. A Saint George estate planner can help you decide who may be a suitable choice for you.

What is the Role of an Estate Planning Attorney?

A Saint George estate planning attorney may also look to raise the issue of guardianship of minor children or a disabled relative. For instance, if you were the surviving parent of a minor child, you could set out guardianship of the child. It works the same for a disabled or incapacitated relative. This is an important aspect to consider and something which most attorneys will help you determine too. click here to learn more about Saint George estate planner service by clicking here

Updating Your Current Estate Plan

Circumstance’s change. One minute you are married with two adult children and the next, you’re divorced with a new partner and a baby on the way. It’s important your Saint George estate planner or attorney updates your plan when circumstances change. This is something what most estate attorneys will do and can at your request. Some attorneys will review your plan every so often anyway which is important, to say the least.

Get the Best Help for When the Worst Happens

Let’s be honest, you never want to think about leaving your family or being unable to be with them because of a medical matter. Unfortunately, accidents happen all the time and they could well cut short your time with them. While you don’t want to think about these things, there may come a time when you do. It’s essential to think about estate planning, even if you don’t have a lot of personal property at home. Speak to a Saint George estate planning attorney if you’d like to know more about this subject.

What an Estate Planning Lawyer Can do for You
What an Estate Planning Lawyer Can do for You

A lot of people mistakenly believe an estate plan Utah is only for those with millions of dollars in the bank. Everyone, however, has an estate. Of course, some have greater estates than others, but for most adults, they have some sort of estate. Your estate can include money in the bank, items at home, collectibles, vehicles, property, and much more. Planning what happens to these things after you’ve no longer here can be crucial, and you may want to consider an estate planning lawyer. So, what can one of these lawyers do for you?

Create a Will for When You Pass Away

While a Utah estate planner can handle a variety of things on your behalf, one of the more common tasks is helping you to create a last will. A will outlines your last wishes after your death. This could include basic things such as the type of funeral you wish to have, or what happens to your personal possessions and property. It can include monetary gifts to family members, charities, or friends. A planner can help you determine who you want as a beneficiary and what items to list. learn more about Utah estate planner at

Estate Planning

Wills and estate plans are quite different from one another. Of course, both outlines what you want to happen to your property and estate after you’re gone, but estate plans go further. You can set out who you want to have dealing with your financial matters once you’re no longer able to, even before your death. For instance, if you find yourself incapacitated – medically – and can’t make business or financial decisions, whoever you name in your estate plan will do so on your behalf. An estate plan Utah can be a great option to consider, and estate planning lawyers can help you create a suitable plan. lean more about types of financial decisions by clicking here

What an Estate Planning Lawyer Can do for You

Potentially Avoids Lengthy Probate

Probate is often a difficult process as it involves transferring someone’s estate into a beneficiary. Unfortunately, it can also be quite an expensive process and it’s not something most families want to deal with. Fortunately, a Utah estate planner can help deal with the more difficult aspects of this. Estate planners can help with probate, more than you think.

Ensure the Best (or Right) Person Is Handling your Medical Affairs

It can be exceedingly difficult to be sure who to name to look after your medical or financial affairs if you’re incapacitated or die. A planner can help you determine which family member or friend is more suited to the task. Now, an estate plan Utah can vary considerably, and a planner can help ensure someone suitable is selected. Of course, the choice is yours; however, the planner will ensure the candidate is suitable – legally – for the role.

Get the Help You Need for Estate Planning

Estate planners continue to offer a vital service because a plan sets out what happens when the worst happens. You decide who gets what and what responsibilities they take on. It’s important to get these things sorted out so that difficulties don’t arise later. A Utah estate planner can do so much for you and they offer a valuable service.